Let's be honest. There is no such thing as a business with a net zero environmental impact - it's just not possible.

However, it is possible to commit to projects that actually help our planet. We just don't see many businesses do it because it costs money. But that's exactly what we've done, here at True North.


1% For The Planet

We donate 1% of our top-line revenue to 1% For The Planet, an organization focused on tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues.


FSC © Certified Paper

We use FSC © certified paper, which guarantees it comes from from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. 


Carbon Offset Matching

We've partnered with EcoCart to offer carbon offset options in our checkout flow, and will match 100% of all carbon offset donations made at checkout.

Framed map art print of Brasilia, Brasil, on a dresser with some plants.

1% For The Planet

We've only got one planet. At the very least, we can spare one percent for it. 

"Putting people and the planet over profit" is 1% For The Planet's mission statement - and we couldn't agree with it more. 

It's no surprise that this amazing organization was started by none other than the legendary Yvon Chouinard - the founder of a brand that has inspired us for years: Patagonia.

1% for the Planet was founded on the model of a business membership program where responsible businesses giving back to environmental nonprofits to create a healthier planet.

To date, businesses around the globe have invested over $350 million in environmental nonprofit solutions through the 1% for the Planet network. 

FSC © Certified Paper

The best paper for your art can also be the best paper for our planet. Now that's a win-win. 

What makes paper 'sustainable'? Like many other green buzzwords including 'organic' and 'natural'; the word 'sustainable' can be vague.

With its 'FSC-Certified' label, the Forest Stewardship Council defines a strict set of standards that paper products must meet in order to prove that they are truly environmentally and socially responsible.

The FSC requires products that bear an FSC-certified label to go through a “chain of custody” from the forest to the manufacturer to the merchant and finally, to the printer.

We're proud to use FSC Certified paper whenever possible, as it not only helps us provide the highest quality prints and posters, but allows us to do so knowing we're helping our planet. 

Person holding a map art print of San Francisco, California in front of a tree.
Map art poster of Cancun, Mexico, on top of a large leaf.

Carbon Offset Matching

You give, we give, our planet wins. We're matching 100% of all carbon offset donations. Forever. 

A carbon offset broadly refers to a reduction in GHG emissions – or an increase in carbon storage (e.g., through land restoration or the planting of trees).

Emission reduction projects reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in one of three ways: By capturing and destroying a greenhouse gas that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere, by producing energy using a renewable resource that eliminates the need to produce that same energy from fossil fuels, and by capturing and storing (or “sequestering”) greenhouse gases to prevent their release into the atmosphere. 

At True North, we match 100% of your carbon offset donations and then subsequently provide them to organizations which perform all three primary carbon reduction methods - ensuring that we do everything we can to keep our planet healthy for our children and their children. 

At the end of the day, we want you to be genuinely happy with your custom True North art print. That’s more important to us than making a few extra bucks by denying your return. So we created the True North Guarantee, designed to have your back at all times. 

The True North Guarantee

Design with confidence

Design your unique art print knowing that you're covered by the True North Guarantee

100 days, 100% guarantee

Unpack your art, hang it up, and enjoy it for up to 100 days while making up your mind

We've got your back

We stand by our work, and we will make it right should you not be 110% happy with it

Our reviews

Don’t just take it from us, take it from all our happy customers who’ve purchased beautiful custom True North art prints and posters.

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