Our Printing Process: Local and handcrafted


Here at True North, we do everything in house - and we mean everything. From our web design, to our product development, to our art photography to our packaging, everything is done in our tiny studio here in San Francisco. 

While many large scale art conglomerates may design and market their products in house, they typically outsource the most important part of the process to large overseas factories: the printing. 

We don’t do that. From the moment you click “order”, we develop, process, proof, print, examine and carefully package your art piece in a single art studio. By keeping everything in-house, we are able to control every step of the process, ensuring that corners are never cut (pun intended). 

If a print does not look up to par, if the paper edges are creased, if the ink fails to set the way we want it to, if the light bounces off the paper at the wrong angle - we reprint it on the spot and recycle the discarded print. (Kidding about that last one - light doesn’t bounce, it reflects). 

This means that no matter what, you can buy with the full confidence of knowing that your art was handcrafted here in the USA with the utmost care and precision possible, something you will never find at an industrial overseas print factory. 

And on top of that, by trusting us with your purchase, you directly support a small, local business - which is something this world could use more of, and we really appreciate it : )