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Order not received

Still have not received order.

Never Received

Never received my order.

Portrait was cut off and off-center

My poster was not printed correctly. The name underneath the map was cutoff and the print is off-center. Not able to use at all as it looks horrible, which makes me very disappointed for something with so much potential

Custom Map Art
Tommie M.
Getting a couple other ones

Got a first one to try it out, now going to get some for the other rooms in my condo.

Custom Map Art
Eunice H.
Perfect gift for F1 fan husband!

Got him a map of Monza - he is SO happy with it!

Amazing quality

I was a bit skeptical at first, but then realized how high quality the paper is. Would buy another.

Bring me back to Bali!

I spent an amazing 3 months in Bali (pre-pandemic, obviously) and have really been missing it. I saw an ad for this cool map poster thing, and it literally had Bali in the ad, so I figured it was a sign. Love my new map!!

Very happy with my map

Happy with my map, five stars

Custom Map Art
Georgia M.
Christmas presant

I buy for Christmas presant for girlfriend family. Very nice presant idea. Thank you.

Custom Map Art
Steve R.
Very happy with my map of Miami

Being from Miami, I had to get one in the Miami colors and it looks dope!

Custom Map Art
Lorene W.
Will be getting more for my family

Got one for my wife, and now both my kids want one… you're welcome True North haha.

Custom Map Art
Irvin P.
Great decoration for my café

By some stroke of luck, one of their colors matched perfectly with my café aesthetic!

Custom Map Art
Marion B.
Paris vacation poster : )

I made one for my wife to remind her of where we got engaged… in Paris : )

Custom Map Art
Frankie J.
Going to buy more

Will buy more, especially with the 15% off promo code they sent me.

Custom Map Art
Bonnie M.
If I could give 10 stars I would!

I got a map of London (where my father in law is from) and it made him love me. Very happy.

Custom Map Art
Louise A.
Anniversary gift

And who says the perfect anniversary gift doesn't exist?... And for under $50 too!!

Custom Map Art
Norman R.
Cool sports map

I got a map of the Real Madrid's stadium for my boyfriend. He very happy now!

Great deal with promo

The poster was cool, but make sure you get the 15% off promo code (from email I think)

Custom Map Art
Dustin L.
Got it for my college bound daughter

My daughter got into a great college, so we got one for her to remember home

Custom Map Art
Olive O.
I usually don't write reviews

I'm not a big review person, but I'm writing one because of how great this poster is! : )

Custom Map Art
Stella R.
Perfect for any sports fan!

What a cool gifting idea. I saw an ad for this on Instagram and immediately thought "this would be a great gift for my husband". Low and behold, I was right - he loves it. Got major wifey points : )

Custom Map Art
Nathan H.
Looking to be an affiliate, please contact me

I am waiting on a approval for my affiliate link. Please let me know what my status is. Thank very much : )

Custom Map Art
Jeffery G.

OMG guys you need to spin the wheel. I got a full poster for FREEEEE!

Custom Map Art
Alexis C.
Not bad

Not bad - not perfect but for 30 bucks I don't expect it to be. Happy overall.

Custom Map Art
Lauren D.
Perfect for my sorority house : )

The girls and I decided to get a poster map for each of our hometowns, and put them up in the great hall of our sorority house. I think we're now the classiest girls in the house now haha.