Producing museum quality art requires nothing less than museum quality inks and printing units - which is why we use Epson's UltraChrome GS3 ink and a SureColor S-Series printing units. 

This combination is the gold standard of professional art prints, and creates a vibrant and long lasting print, with a 100+ year rated lifetime, so that you can be sure your art will always be with you.



Epson UltraChrome GS3 Ink

Featuring an enhanced color gamut, enhanced pigment density and a significant improvement in gloss levels, our ink showcases all colors perfectly.


SureColor S-Series Printers

Costing more than a small car, our professional SureColor S-Series printing units redefine the meaning of quality as they bring your art to life


100+ Year Lifetime

The combination of our professional inks and our state of the art printing units means that your True North prints and posters are rated to last over 100 years.

Map art poster of Cancun, Mexico, on display in an art gallery.

Epson UltraChrome GS3 Ink

The best artists in the world need the best tools in the world - and that starts with ink.

In our search for the best possible print quality, we tested a total of 23 ink types from 6 vendors from Japan, Germany and the USA. Epson's UltraChrome GS3 was number 24 - and as soon as we saw the final product, we immediately knew it was the one. 

Designed with Epson's fourth generation solvent ink chemistry, this ink builds on the strengths of UltraChrome GS and GS2 with great image stability, amazing color precision and outstanding media compatibility.

It also features a newly developed Red Ink Technology, which provides significant color gamut improvements, even allowing it to reach a near perfect 98.2% Pantone coverage. 

As if this wasn't enough, this amazing ink is even Full Room GreenGuard Gold Certified, meaning that it is produced with minimally harmful chemicals. 

Quality doesn't come cheap, and while we could absolutely use one of the 23 cheaper options we tested, it was clear to us that we'd go with the Epson UltraChrome - even if it meant lower margins on our end. If it means higher quality, more beautiful art, then we're happy with it.  


SureColor S-Series Printers

The best ink in the world means nothing without the best printers on the market. 

A modern specialty printer is what brings all the right elements together to produce a beautiful, art gallery quality giclée print. To do so, we use professionally calibrated Epson SureColor printers, which cost more per unit than our first car.

The Epson SureColor S-Series redefines image quality expectations in the professional art market, featuring a PrecisionCore® TFP® printhead and enhanced precision media feeding system to produce high-quality, museum ready artwork.

Combined with the 3M MCS Warranty-backed Epson-3M UltraChrome GS3 solvent inks, the SureColor S-Series offers outstanding print quality, durability, and 98.2% Pantone color coverage. 

These printers are able to hold up to 12 different ink cartridges, allowing for extremely detailed gradation and a wide color gamut, ultimately producing an art gallery-ready print for your to frame in your home or office. 

Map art poster of Boracay Island, in the Philippines, on display in an art gallery.
Map art poster of Toronto, Canada, on display in an art gallery.

100+ Year Rated Lifetime

The amazing memories you make in a city, home, or trip last for a lifetime - your True North art should too. 

As we're sure you can tell by now (especially since you've gotten this far down this rabbit hole of printing technology), we're pretty gung-ho on the whole "high quality" art thing here at True North. 

From the very beginning, we knew that we wanted to make our prints. and posters last a lifetime, and stay with you from one home to the next, always reminding you of that one truly special place. 

That is another reason why we decided to go with Epson's UltraChrome inks, as their inks have an astounding 138 year print permanence rating when displayed in a glass frame, and an even more amazing 289 years when displayed with a UV filter.

Furthermore, our inks have a very high resistance to humidity, and a high resistance to water - making it even more perfect for the adventurous type (FYI - if you'd really like to geek out and read our ink permanence reports, you can find them here).

At the end of the day, there is no way that we'll be able to truly test the 289 year rating for these inks - but we'll happily round it down to 100+ years. Your artwork, and cherished memories will be safe when printed by us. That much, we promise you. 

Buying custom art isn’t like buying some random thing off Amazon. It’s special. It’s emotional. It’s personal. And because of that, we want to make sure that you (or the person you’re gifting this to) is happy with your purchase. 

At the end of the day, we want you to be genuinely happy with your custom True North art print. That’s more important to us than making a few extra bucks by denying your return. So we created the True North Guarantee, designed to have your back at all times. 

The True North Guarantee

Design with confidence

Design your unique art print knowing that you're covered by the True North Guarantee

100 days, 100% guarantee

Unpack your art, hang it up, and enjoy it for up to 100 days while making up your mind

We've got your back

We stand by our work, and we will make it right should you not be 110% happy with it

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Don’t just take it from us, take it from all our happy customers who’ve purchased beautiful custom True North art prints and posters.

Cute happy couple hanging a poster map art of Bali, Indonesia.